The Webbs in Asia: The 1911–12 Travel Diary

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Penn, William , Quaker leader.

Travel journal, August April ; second visit to Ireland; London to Ireland; brief, factual entries. Pennsylvania Mag. XL Batts, Thomas d.

Series Descriptions

Exploring journal, September-October ; from Virginia across the Ap- palachians, and discovery of Kanawha River falls; a rather dull surveying journal. XV Private diary, December October ; beginning at Harvard and ending shordy before his death; an invaluable record of Boston life in the period of the Mathers, and an intimate picture of the diarist; probably the best American diary; some linguistic interest.

Extracts in most anthologies of American literature. Increase of Boston. Religious diary, January December ; religious observations and self- analysis; some public and family matters, illness, Indian affairs; pious and ejacula- tory style. XIII 1 Another version of his diary November May , which is somewhat less theo- logical and of more general interest, Massachusetts Hist.

Randolph, Edward 1 of Canterbury, Eng. XVIII Scottow, Capt. Joshua d. XLIII Shepard, Hety b. Private diary, December November extracts ; life of a young woman in Rhode Island; social and family life; pleasant, personal picture of Puri- tan influences on feminine pleasures. The genuineness of the diary, however, has been doubted. Edited by A. Slicer, New England Mag.

XI 1 Wilton, David of Northampton, Mass.

Private diary, June-September extracts ; mostly accounts, with a few farming and social notes; interesting spellings. Trumbull, History of Northampton Northampton, I Lawrence d. Diary and commonplace book, March April some dates disordered ; personal and social notes, outstanding local and public events, deaths, weather; recipes; fairly amusing antiquarian material, with some linguistic interest. VII ; brief addi- tional entry, ibid.

Manning, Mr. Sea journal, July-August ; from Salem to Cape Sable in the ketch "Supply" against Indians who had stolen boats; mainly log entries; interesting spellings. State Maine Maine Hist. VI Stockwell, Quentin d. Captive's diary, ; capture in Deerfield by Indians and journey to Canada; seminarrative. Edited by S. Hubbard, Hist, and Proc. II Walderne, Maj. Richard i6i5? Drake II John of Dover, N. Private diary, November June earliest entries autobiographical ; brief local notes; in three sections, personal, weather, providences; impersonal and disjointed, but with fair genealogical and local interest, and some interesting lan- guage.

Ill , , ; New Hampshire Hist. Seeking a site for a Labadist colony.

2 editions of this work

Detailed but rather formalized accounts of travel and descrip- tions of country; lengthy and valuable account of the early colonial scene. Murphy, Memoirs Long Island Hist. I ; translated and edited by B. James and J.

Stanford Libraries

Extract concerning Albany, Munsell's Colls, on Hist. Albany Albany, II Hobart, David ca. Private diary, March May ; brief notes of local, parish, and church affairs; the later entries are by his son Nehemiah. Thacher, Rev.

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Peter of Milton, Mass. Private diary, April February with gap ; brief but varied entries, partly in cipher; personal and local affairs of some interest; language interesting.

Travel Diary: Shanghai and Taipei

Teele, The History of Milton, Mass. B Cotton 1 of Boston. Religious journal, March February some gaps ; religious work and experiences; very important, but the monotony of its endless introspection re- stricts its interest. VI 1 ; extracts relating to Calef, ibid. Ill 1 Jonathan 1 of Reading, Mass. Religious diary, July February ; brief, scattered, and rather dull per- sonal and religious notes. Russell, Rev. Noadiah of Harvard College and Middletown, Conn.

Tutor's diary, March March ; miscellaneous happenings at Har- vard and elsewhere, fire at Harvard, supernatural incident; fairly interesting.

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  7. Private diary, March February ; includes account of Andros and his taking over government of Connecticut. Diary of the Reverend Noadiah Russell.

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    Hartford, 18 pp. Knepp, John, of England. William of Portsmouth, N. George E. Catherine's Island. South Carolina Hist. XXX Private diary, May September ?

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    Pynchon, Maj. John d. Diary and account book, August- September extracts ; measures against attack by Quabaug Indians; brief notes. Nicholas i? Military journal, June-July ; official notes of public matters, disturb- ances, and riots in New York; rather interesting. Boston, 14 pp. Hasse New York, Homes, Rev. William of Chilmark, Mass.

    Clergyman's journal, February June extracts ; weekly entries on sermons, church affairs, marriages, deaths, etc. Kelsey, Henry ? Fur trader's journal, June August ; journeys for Hudson's Bay Com- pany in Canada, and work in fur trade; some accounts of Indian superstitions and customs; considerable human interest, and valuable as account of early ex- ploration of Hudson's Bay country; many interesting spellings and an introduc- tion in verse.

    Doughty and C. Martin eds. Archives Can- ada, Ottawa, pp. Bell, Hist. Scientific Soc.

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    Manitoba Trans, n. Newberry, Benjamin ? Private diary, August June extracts ; brief and dullish notes on religion and public alarms. Green, Two Narratives of the Expedition against Quebec, a. Bullivant, Dr. Benjamin, of Boston. Private diary, February-May ; lengthy notes on public affairs in New England.