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reason for being

These reasons for being show that any type of company can have a positive impact in the world. Rallies employees. The goal of a reason for being to make employees excited so that they want to come to work and put forth their best effort. Employees and customers are more likely to be excited about a motivational message that encourages them to build connections and do good.

raison d'être

A reason for being is unifying and provides a sense of purpose for where the company and its employees are going. A good reason for being finds commonalities between people and encourages them to work together.

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Organizations that have reasons for being are more likely to have engaged and fulfilled employees. These types of organizations can easily point to their reason for being and showcase what the company stands for and where it is going. Find what motivates you and your employees and create a reason for being to act as your goal and rally cry.

We work to maximise innovation within the Danish food industry by building a world-class community of knowledge providers, talent, investors, and companies. Our platform is dedicated to creating opportunities for networking , interaction , branding , and increased international visibility. In this way, we help innovation thrive and contribute to the growth of our members and the industry as a whole.

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Branding Danish Food Cluster is a hub for innovative expertise in Europe — and attractive to national and international businesses and governments in search of new growth opportunities and knowhow. We promote these capabilities through our targeted branding activities.

Partnering with complementary food innovation initiatives. Partner of European Food Alliance — A group of leading agri-food clusters in Europe Seeking dialogue with the international business community in collaboration with Invest in Denmark , part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Danish Embassies.

Reason for Being: A Meditation on Ecclesiastes

Network Facilitation Danish Food Cluster facilitates networking opportunities across the food sector. We are committed to a high level of organizational discipline where all aspects of the Strategic Plan, governance and operations are guided by formalized policies, procedures, monitoring and review processes. We have respect for the dignity, rights, cultures and beliefs of all people.

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  6. We care and support each other and have respect for our environment. The following four strategic directions are fundamental for NVIT to achieve its vision and mission.

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    NVIT strives to achieve excellence in each of the identified directions. These foundational strategic directions will remain relevant for the foreseeable future, while providing the framework for annual planning across the institution.