Music and Coexistence: A Journey across the World in Search of Musicians Making a Difference

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Music And Coexistence A Journey Across The World In Search Of Musicians Making A Difference

My relations with instrument manufacturers around the world have helped me, but my oud was made by Moroccan hands. It was made by the late Abdullah Murid, may his soul rest in peace, as we discussed together the measurements, the wood type and the strings. He would ask me to bring wood from a certain country or another. It has thus become an instrument that narrates travels, discussions and stories from around the world.

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  • Music and Coexistence: A Journey Across the World in Search of Musicians Making a Difference?

Since my early works, I have been looking for a positive link with my heritage, culture, identity and creativity. It is not easy to expose your oud to the challenges of debate, dialogue and discussion. I thank my oud greatly for enduring the hardships of travel and the bitter-sweet days it shares with me.

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  • Music And Coexistence A Journey Across The World In Search Of Musicians Making A Difference!
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Some may think that the prizes and awards given to us and our experience are the most important things; others may think that nominations for the Ziryab Skills award, best artist or even the French Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters and other nominations might ease the way.

I think that the collaboration of all artists, players and composers is what ought to bring a true renaissance for this great instrument that has been shining for centuries. Personally, I feel proud when I hear a variety of sounds from the oud from the east, from the Gulf, and from Morocco. It truly speaks of the versatility of this instrument. When I listen to the Iraqi or Kuwaiti oud, I am thrilled and invigorated by them. Each has its own presence and resonance. It is actually better to move between the ouds of the Arab world — which is our source of pride and wealth — in a way that respects the individuality of each area.

We should create wider spaces to meet and get to know each other. The oud derives its richness and versatility from the Arab world; Herein lies the true renaissance of this great instrument. To answer your question of whether the renaissance of the oud comes from North Africa or the Levant, I say both. What do you think about the music scene in Saudi Arabia and the changes that have occurred in it? The Arab music scene in general is dominated by vocalists and singers.

Human voice prevails in this scene. It is a concept that runs deep in our musical history, be it in the Levant, Morocco, or Saudi Arabia. Throughout history, Saudi Arabia has introduced to us extremely important voices and a wealth of vocal varieties from the coastal to the Bedouin and desert voices, among others. I cannot claim to know all there is about them. There is the art of the lute, the tanburah and the majrur.

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The Kingdom has also given us landmarks in the history of singers, such as the late Talal Madah, as well as one of the most important oud players: Abbadi Al-Jawhar. As with all the parts of the modern Arab world, it is expected that an alternate or parallel kind of singing imitating the hip hop, or the rap or what we can call the alternate singing, would rise. I would like to emphasize the role they play as well. Poetry is the generous well of subtlety, strength, joy, sorrow, meditation, thrill, hope and all the other emotions of being alive.

However, poetry has a special place. Poetry and music share a necessary charm. No matter how small or how large, your fully tax-deductible contribution will enable us to continue our mission of peace and positive social change through music and arts education. You will receive a printed tax receipt for your gift. We accept international donations in the form of bank issued money orders in USD. Money orders should be made payable to the Playing For Change Foundation and can be mailed to the address below.

We are fortunate to have a global community supporting the Playing For Change Foundation.

ABOUT OUR ORGANIZATION - Playing For Change Foundation

Many people choose to give by electronic wire transfer for regular or stand alone donations. If you live outside of the United States or would prefer to send funds directly from your bank account, you can donate via wire transfer. Please contact accounting playingforchange.

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Projects also help meet essential needs of the larger community, including the provision of aid such as food, clean water, medicine, clothes, books, school supplies, solar energy, computers, and other modern technology. Annual program evaluations reinforce the real and positive impact of music education and demonstrate change in action. When children play music together, collaboration increases and conflict is reduced. And critically important to children, particularly those who are vulnerable due to poverty, conflict, drugs, and neglect, is that learning music increases self-esteem and fosters resilience and joy.

Learning music has also been shown to increase self-esteem and foster resilience, which is critically important to children who are vulnerable due to poverty, conflict, drugs, and neglect. Be an access point for various forms of aid, including clean water, electricity, and medical resources.

Using Music to Transform Lives and Communities: Caring adults encourage discipline, joy and personal expression through music and arts programs. Programs emphasize tolerance and shared understanding as methods for solving problems. Connecting People and Communities: Cameras and other technology empower individuals and communities to tell their own stories.

Children in different countries and schools learn about and get to know peers who live in dramatically different regions and circumstances.

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Your gift can make a positive difference while also helping reduce taxes you might owe. A gift of appreciated stock is a great way to accomplish both objectives. For security, settlement, and reduced paperwork, electronic transfer through DTC is preferred.

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This can be arranged from most brokerage accounts. The weather turns from blistering hot in the summer reaching degrees Farenheit regularly in July and August to sandstorm season in March and April, which helps to propagate the date palm trees, the economic power in the region.

Climate change is a very real presence locally, with little access to water becoming normal, and the encroachment of sand dunes onto precious farmland happening right now, working to disperse not only communities, but ancient traditions with them. Whether it be families of 10 living under the same roof eating from the same central Tagine dish for their meals, or the ritual of preparing and sharing tea with whomever may be around, foreigner or local, the sense of inclusion is vital to the community. The passing down of music and poetry from generation to generation is another vital aspect of the community, as art and tradition serve as reassurances in a constantly changing world.

It is the role of the youngest generation to learn from the past to bring the traditional Saharan art into future, so at to coexist with the modern. Program Administrator Poppy Tsira talks about the community of Gugulethu. L'ecole de Musique de Kirina was created in an ancient village in Mali Mitrata means friendship in Nepali. This program brings music education to over kids in the slums of Mirpur, Bangladesh.

South Africa. Imvula Music Program. Located in Masaka, a 20 minutes drive outside Capital Kigali, the program provides music instruction in traditional dance, drummin PFCF was honored to be able to make a contribution to the community by initiating a music program with two teaching locations - on This collective of powerful women utilize artistic expression to teach young girls about the perils they face from dark-hearted tr The Khlong Toey Music program was founded in August in the slums of Bangkok, Thailand by 2 musicians who decided to take acti The starting point of this new new music program has been a outstanding benefit concert hosted at the Opera de Arame in Curitiba, The Playing For Change Foundation has now its own branch in Argentina with a fantastic team of people committed to bring positive Inaugurated in , this new music program is located in the city of Diamante, km miles north-west of Buenos Aires.

PFC Diamante, Argentina. This is only possible thanks to your good support!