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To avoid punishment, only do this one or two times a week. If you leave these items in your locker, your teacher may reluctantly allow you to go and get them. Forgetting to bring your materials to class may result in consequences. Turn in your homework late. Teachers set deadlines for your benefit and theirs. Due dates teach students to plan ahead and manage their time; teachers often set deadlines to correspond with the days they have time to grade papers, tests, and assignments. Be selective about the assignments you turn in late—you still need to maintain a passing grade.

Tests, exams, and final projects are usually worth the most points and should not be skipped. Choose to skip a few assignments that are worth very few points. Turn in your assignments one to two days after the due date. If you hand the assignment to your teacher, ask them when they will have it graded and in the books. Continue to ask them until they have graded it.

Come to class late. Teachers expect students to arrive to class on time and ready to learn. Asking to use the restroom as soon as you sit down. You will quickly surpass the number of tardies allowed at your school. Ask to use the restroom at inconvenient times. Teachers establish elaborate bathroom procedures to prevent students from leaving class at inappropriate times. Blatantly ignoring their restroom rules is a great way to get under their skin.

Limit the number of times you do this to avoid repercussions. Ask to use the restroom immediately after class begins or right before the bell rings. Ask to use the bathroom in the middle of a lesson. Ask to use the restroom while your teacher is giving instructions. Fill out your pass incorrectly. Sharpen your pencil frequently. Pencil sharpeners make loud, irritating noises—it is really difficult for students to hear a teacher over the deafening noise of the pencil sharpener. Annoy your teacher and a few of your classmates by sharpening your pencil while your instructor is talking.

Take your time sharpening the pencil. Pull it out of the pencil sharpener frequently to check its level of sharpness. Teachers put a lot of time into each lesson so that the content is exciting and accessible to students. Instead of appreciating the effort they put into planning the lesson, you can annoy your teacher by choosing to not to participate in the lesson. Doodle in a notebook instead of taking notes. Surf the internet on your tablet or laptop.

Put your head down on your desk and pretend to sleep.

Revenge of the "Trick-niques" – Climbing Tips From Guide Clint Locks

Talk to your classmates while your teacher is talking. Look at the clock constantly. Cover a smaller book with your textbook and read it.


You may get in trouble. Act overly excited to participate in class. Teachers tend to get annoyed with students who frequently draw attention to themselves. Rather than acting calm, cool, and collected, exaggerate your emotional response to the extreme. When your teacher asks you a question, raise your hand and act extremely eager to answer the question—wave your hand in the air, jump up and down in your seat, scream and screech to get their attention. Waste your teacher's time.

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Teachers try their best to keep their students on task and focused. When the teacher asks if the class has any questions, raise your hand to offer a comment. Once called on, tell a long, drawn-out, unrelated story. If your teacher starts to get suspicious, take a few weeks off from the prank.

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Tattle on other students. While students may view tattling as a helpful, and perhaps even necessary behavior, teachers do not want to spend their day refereeing every minor dispute. Be careful, because this could get you in trouble with your peers. Snitching and tattling is seen as an unwritten social rule not to do, and if you snitch you could have your reputation ruined.

Seek attention from your teacher.

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  8. Instead of blatantly acting out, you can annoy your teacher by constantly seeking their attention and approval. You can do this by: Asking for help even when you clearly understand a concept Following your teacher around the room Showing your teacher completed assignments to gain their approval [10]. Be an excellent student with little drive.

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    There is nothing more frustrating to a teacher than a brilliant student who refuses to put adequate effort into an assignment. If your class work comes easily to you, breeze through the assignment and turn it in quickly. When you take a test over the material, turn in a perfect evaluation. Don't breeze through assignments if you will receive a low grade. If you are capable of doing the work, try your best to complete the assignment quickly, but correctly.

    Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Pack up your belongings before the bell rings. Say the teacher's name out loud for no reason and then say, "Never mind. Hey Erin! I literally just spent my time reading your blog inputs! All those treats look super delish and Im totally planning making that lasagna soup asap! Enjoy the nice chilly weather in SD, and congrats on the new home!

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